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About These Photos…

This website concentrates primarily on my New York based landscape & nature photography. However, I’ve also included aspects of other photo projects. Below are brief descriptions of these projects. For a more detailed description, click the “Photo Notes” tab on the homepage.


The New York Nature galleries contain photos from two ongoing landscape studies, “Urban Nature: A New York City Landscape Study” and “Landscapes of the Empire State.”  The New York City nature photos are from project I began in 2005 and documents New York City’s natural spaces. Within a few years I expanded this nature theme to include the entire state of New York. I plan to continue working on both these New York nature studies for the remainder of my life. My goal with both these projects is to portray a sense of what New York looked before European settlement. As a result I've generally avoided landscapes that have been heavily altered by man.


Both “Urban Nature: A New York City Landscape Study”  andPhotographs of the Empire State” are photographed with large and medium format film cameras. I can’t explain why, but I feel strongly that using the same tools that an early 20th Century landscape photographer once used makes perfect sense with this particular photo project. Also, analog has provided a pleasant escape from my daily digital world.


Hiding From The World is an ongoing project from fog drenched mornings in the Bronx’s Van Cortlandt Park. With these photographs, I’ve attempted to convey a sense of timelessness within a mysterious and dreamlike landscape. Also, I’m often perplexed about fog and wonder if aspects of the landscape are hidden in the fog or if I’m hidden from the landscape. This series of photos will expand as more foggy mornings are photographed in Van Cortlandt Park.

The Early Street Photography gallery goes back to my photographic origins. My love of photography was inspired by the great street photographers of the mid-20th Century. Starting in Pittsburgh, with stops in London and Berlin, and ending in New York City, these photographs are examples of the street photography I did from the late-1970’s through the early-1990’s. 


Flowers in the City is a project I worked on in the mid-1990’s when I became less interested in street photography and more interested in the urban landscape. For years I thought about a photo project where nature would contrast with a gritty urban environment. In the mid-1990’s while searching for a new photo project to work on, I decided to work with a flowers / urban landscape theme. However, this photo project had been on my mind as early as 1980 when I saw the film “Times Square” and heard a song called “Flowers in the City” by David Johansen and Robin Johnson. The title of the song, as opposed to the lyrics, was the true inspiration. 


The original photographs in this project were all printed on traditional photographic (gelatin silver print) B&W paper and the floral areas hand tinted with Marshall’s Photo Oil Colors. The giclee prints offered for sale on this website are reproductions of the original prints. 


As I mentioned earlier, click the “Photo Notes” tab on the homepage for a more detailed description on these photo projects as well as some of my thoughts about photography.


Thank you for taking the times to view my photography.


Richard Serviss

New York City - 2016