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Lower Mine Kill Falls #1

Gilboa, NY
View of the lower falls at Mine Kill Falls State park.
Mine Kill Falls is located 6.8 miles from Grand Gorge off of NY Route 30 in North Blenheim, NY. The Long Path Trail leading from the parking lot to the lower falls is a steep hike into what feels like a "lost in time" era of New York. The area around the lower falls also has a prehistoric feel to it and the hole in the rock where water cascades out add to the strangeness of this waterfall. The short but exhausting uphill hike back to the parking area is well worth it after viewing the scenic beauty of this waterfall.

Signed Prints Available:
6.5x7.6” image on 8.5x11” paper
10x11.8” image on 13x17” paper

All prints archivally mounted in either 11x14” or 16x20” white overmat & backing board.