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Mars Bar

25 East 1st Street
New York, NY (October 13, 2003)

East Village

The "Mars Bar" (AKA Marz Bar-Daycare For Drunks) on the southwest corner of First Street at Second Avenue. The bar closed in July 2011 to make way for high-end housing.

This is probably one of the worst dive bars I ever walked into. It was like an old Tom Waits song brought to life. I only visited this joint a few times and usually when I was on my way to somewhere else. It was not a first stop destination for me. The smell and upkeep of the place even offended me (and I’m seldom offended by anything). Regardless, the bar was the epitome of dive bars and should have been kept alive as some sort of dive bar shrine.

From the series: "Remnants of New York City"
Mars Bar