All photographs are available for purchase. Most are printed on demand. Please contact me at [email protected] and let me know the photo you're interested in purchasing. I will then will provide payment instructions. I accept all major credit cards and PayPal.  

All prints are signed and come with a mat and backing board for easy framing. Simply insert the matted print into a frame of your choice! Also, a print and frame package is available for anyone who wants their print in ready-to-hang mode upon arrival.


Tech Notes

Black & white prints are created with the K7 Piezography process and printed on Jon Cone Type 2 Studio Paper (310 GSM thickness / extra smooth matte surface) and printed with a selenium toned pigment made from pure carbon pigments. This paper and pigment combination creates an outstanding black and white print. The paper and pigments are of archival quality. Prints are presented in either an 11x14” or 16x20” white museum quality mat and backing board depending on size of print. 

Color photography is printed on Jon Cone Type 2 Studio Paper (310 GSM thickness / extra smooth matte surface) with ConeColor Pro Pigments. This pigment and paper combination creates brillant color that comes alive on the paper. All materials are archival quality.


Image Sizes vs Paper Sizes

Two print sizes are available: 8.5x11” and 13x19”. Depending on the camera format and cropping, the actual live image area varies on each print. For instance, a typical 8.5x11” print in digital / 35mm camera format will have a 6x9” image on 8.5x11” paper and presented in an 11x14” mat. A 13x19” print in digital / 35mm camera format will have a 11x16.4” image on 13x19” paper and presented in a 18x22” mat. Square format comes in a 7x7" image area on 8.5 x11" paper (11x14 frame) and 11x11" on 13x19" paper (18x22" frame). If you need the exact image size verses border size, feel free to contact me.



A framing option is available for those who desire a framed print. Prints will arrive, ready to hang, in a Nielson White SP352 metal frame (or similar style in white). These are not “toss-in frames”  but rather exhibition quality frames that are the photographer’s personal choice for framing his work. The cost for service is incredibly low considering the quality of the framing.



Signed Prints

8.5x11” print (with 11x14” overmat & backing board): $125

13x19” print (with 18x22” overmat & backing board): $450


Framed Signed Prints

8.5x11” print in 11x14” white frame: $200

13x19” print in 16x20” white frame: $600

See “Image Sizes vs Paper Sizes” for an explanation of image vs paper size ratio.