All photographs are available for purchase as giclée (digital pigment) prints. All prints are signed by the photographer. Additionally, a limited selection of traditional gelatin silver prints and can be found in the "Traditional Darkroom Prints" gallery. Paypal and all major credits are accepted. Sales tax as well as shipping & handling is included with all purchases (within the United States). For shipping outside the United States please contact me for a price quote.


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Most of the photographs on this website are available with a signed print & framing option. These are not cheap “throw in” frames, but rather quality exhibition frames and the same frames I use to exhibit my photography. The frame style is Nielsen SP352 white metal. White museum board is used for the overmat and acid free foam board for the backing and a standard clear (photo quality) acrylic glaze is used in place of glass. All items used in the framing are acid free and assembled with the utmost care. Please feel free to compare what a high end frame shop would charge for identical framing items and labor. The “Print and Framing Package” is very good deal!

8.5x11” print w/11x14 frame: $125
13x17" print w/16x20 frame: $200


Black & White / Digital Pigment Prints

Digital pigment prints created with the Piezography K-7 process and are available in 8.5x11” or 13x17" sizes. The Piezography process utilizes seven varying shades of gray and black pigment inks that produce prints with an incredible tonal scale. Jon Cone K7 selenium inks, made from pure carbon pigments, are used to create these prints. The photographs are printed on acid free Jon Cone Type 2 Studio Paper (310 GSM thickness / extra smooth matte surface). This particular ink and paper combination creates a beautiful print. The tones are so subtle I cannot justly reproduce them on this website.

8.5x11” prints: $50

13x17" prints: $100


Color / Digital Pigment Prints

Color digital pigment prints are available in 13x17” for the “Flowers in the City” and the “Remnants of New York” photo projects. Jon Cone’s ConeColor inks are used on all color prints. The inks are archival and I personally feel to be the highest quality pigments available for creating color giclée prints. These color photographs are printed on Museo Portfolio Rag Fine Art Paper (300 GSM thickness / extra smooth matte surface).

8.5x11” prints: $45
13x17" prints: $90

Traditional Darkroom Prints

A selection of traditional darkroom prints, also known as gelatin silver prints, are available in either 11x14" or 16x20" sizes. These prints are hand printed in a traditional wet darkroom using Oriental Seagull VB fiber paper. The prints are developed in a cold tone developer and selenium toned for archival permanence. Due to the time involved in creating these prints, only prints that are readily available will be posted on this website. Please continue to revisit the "Traditional Darkroom Prints" gallery as more prints become available. Please note, on the backside of these prints, at the bottom and in very light pencil, are notations including the date the print was made. I originally did this for personal reference, but found some collectors actually prefer these added notations. So I now add them to all of these prints.

11x14" prints: $125

16x20" prints: $200

All Prints are Signed Open Editions Unless Otherwise Stated (as with folio prints)


PRINT SIZES: All prints have a white boarder around them and actual image size will vary depending image format or photographer's cropping. Since cropping and format varies with each print, the image size will always be stated. For example an 13x17” print might state the following: 11x14” image on 13x17” paper. 

SHIPPING: USPS Priority 3-day shipping is included with all purchases for sales and shipping within the United States. For shipping outside the United States please contact me for shipping rates (as always, the fees are kept to a minimum). All shipments are insured and you'll receive tracking information. If a carrier other than UPSP is used, you'll be informed of this change. Prints are shipped flat between several sheets of oversized cardboard and bubble wrap. Prints are generally shipped within 3-5 business days after payment. However, based on previous shipments, prints generally arrive within a few days after purchase depending on weather conditions and/or holiday schedules.


CAMERA NOTES by photographer Richard Serviss

The New York Nature photographs were initially created with film using either large format or medium format cameras. The primary cameras of choice are a Shen-Hao 4x5, a Pacemaker Crown Graphic (4x5) and a Kowa Super 66 medium format camera. Negatives are scanned and printed with the Piezography print process. In the case of "Traditional Darkroom Prints," the original negatives are printed, often with various ortho masking techniques, in a traditional wet darkroom. Since 2016 I have on a few occasions begun to use digital cameras for some of my landscape photography. However, this has only been done if the terrain has been too extreme for a large format camera or if I was in situation where jumping out of a car and setting up a large format camera would have been inconvenient for the person or people I was with. Moving forward, I might use a digital camera, from time to time, but it'll likely be kept to a minimum. I truly love working with film cameras.

Also, I should also mention I come from what might be the last generation of photographers who were taught not only to be photographers, but print makers as well. As a result, much attention is given in the creation of photographic prints. I've also felt pricing for prints should be affordable to all. I keep this in mind when pricing all my work.

Flowers in the City was shot with a medium format Kowa Super 66 film camera. Traditional darkroom prints were made and the floral areas hand colored with oils. 

Early Street Photographs were shot with the various 35mm film cameras I used over the years, primarily a Canon F1. 

Remnants of Old New York (soon to be edited and posted to the website) was shot with a variety of different 35mm film and digital cameras as well as various medium format film cameras. Generally, whatever camera I happened to be carrying that day was my camera of choice. This photo project documents what I feel to be a changing landscape of New York City from a city of unique one of s kind shops to a place not much different than shopping mall America. I got the idea for this project in the 1990's and when I saw the city landscape really changing. 

Thank you for taking time to view my photographs.


Richard Serviss 

New York City – Spring 2017